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See how Spring is helping consumer goods companies achieve massive productivity gains and drive sales revenue..

Spring partnered with nine major Coca-Cola bottlers (representing 90% of the U.S. market) to deploy a mobile app to more than 10,000 users. Our solution has helped them vastly improve field efficiency and uncover valuable insights for increasing sales.

Here are just a few of the incredible results that different bottlers have seen:

  • 35% decrease in order entry time (saving 90 minutes per day)
  • 30% increase in order forecasting accuracy
  • 50-80% decrease in field rep training time
  • 80% decrease in field equipment costs

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Infographic mobile field apps
4 Mobile Field App Capabilities that your CPG Field Team Desperately Needs
Industry executives point to four mobile app capabilities that stand out when it comes to maximizing field productivity and sales. Discover precisely what’s empowering the most successful CPG mobile field teams in 2016.
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Infographic CPG Mobile Field Apps
Taking the Lead with CPG Mobile Field Apps
See the surprising results from CGT’s global survey of consumer goods executives. Find out the most important mobile app drivers, capabilities and must-haves – plus what’s separating leaders from laggards.
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eBooks and White Papers

Download our eBooks and white papers for in-depth industry analysis and insight into the CPG topics that matter most to your bottom line.

Field Guide to CPG Mobile Apps

The Field Guide to CPG Mobile Apps
Finding the right CPG app can grow your sales by 30%. This guide simplifies your search by explaining which features to look for and how to capture and share the right KPIs.

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Buyers guide to mobile apps for van sales

Buyer’s Guide to Mobile Apps for Van Sales and D50
Find out the type of interface and mobile app functionality you need to drive efficiency and revenue growth with your Van Sales or Direct Store Delivery (DSD) operations.

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CPG Challenges with mobile apps

Taking on CPG’s 6 Biggest Challenges with Mobile Field Apps
CGT explains how industry leaders are sharing and leveraging real-time data to outperform competitors in Taking on CPG’s 6 Biggest Challenges with Mobile Field Apps.

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Product Information

Learn about our additional products and services that you can use to enhance your Spring solutions.

Spring’s Guided Reporting Tool
Get complete access to your consumer goods field data with this flexible, easy-to-use reporting system.

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Nielsen Connected Partner Solutions
Access critical Nielsen data from within our mobileSales and mobileRetail apps, while working on or offline.

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