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Spring mobileSales is an order-processing system so fast and powerful it’s like having an ERP system right at your fingertips. It’s a mobile retail execution app that guides reps through each step of their recommended in-store activities and shares useful intelligence along the way. As a result, reps gain a clear view of customer needs, consult more effectively and drive more CPG sales.

With mobileSales, reps have access to your entire product catalog along with customer order histories, customer credit options, tax and discount calculators, and graphical activity dashboards that track their progress. All these tools and resources are built into an incredibly intuitive user experience that’s available on their mobile device at all times – whether they have Internet access or not.

mobileSales lets you:

Sales Page Interface

  • Adapt your interface to address the unique needs of your customers in the most efficient way possible
  • Share actionable insights with field reps based on each company’s preferences and purchase history
  • Leverage state-of-the-art functionality like penny-perfect pricing, barcode scanning, mobile signature capture and return processing
  • Optimize route planning by seamlessly integrating with a wide range of scheduling tools

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Create more effective sales plans

Field data collected with the mobileSales app is passed on to your head office in real time, allowing your management team to track ongoing progress and provide field education as needed. Your management team can:

  • Gain a clear view of individual and team sales activity in real time
  • Direct sales efforts through route planning and GPS tracking
  • Ensure that reps pay special attention to high-priority customers
  • Leverage ongoing reporting and analysis to identify trends and continuously optimize sales strategies

mobileSales helps you outperform your competitors by:

  • Using gamification techniques to encourage field reps to reach their sales goals more quickly
  • Employing recommended pricing and suggested orders to guide field reps through each visit
  • Sharing accurate pricing information in real time to eliminate pricing conflicts

Sharing digital sales materials with customers

Spring’s collateral sharing functionality makes it possible to share digital selling tools like product catalogs, sales sheets, videos and presentations with store managers and buyers. This feature works perfectly when retail sales reps are offline, so it’s always easy for your field workforce to search for and share up-to-date materials that have been published to their device.

You can also designate when and where sales materials should be shared with customers. Field reps can easily manage and access their collateral library by marking items as favorites and receiving alerts when new media items are added.

With mobile collateral distribution, your field representatives can share your most up-to-date marketing materials when they are face-to-face with customers. They can even email these materials to customers right from their device, enabling just-in-time delivery of your messaging. All collateral sharing is captured in the app as part of the customer’s history.

How Amer Sports improved mobile retail execution with a global CPG solution

Amer Sports is a sporting goods company that sells internationally recognized sports equipment brands like Salomon, Wilson, Atomic and Mavic to retail chains around the world. One of the main reasons they decided to implement a mobile field app was because of the difficulty they were experiencing in monitoring and managing the activities of their field sales teams.

Amer Sports wanted a solution with global support because they needed to increase sales across multiple countries and regions. By implementing Spring’s mobileSales app, they now have a tool that makes it far easier for their sales reps to anticipate customer needs and drive higher sales. mobileSales has improved their field workforce monitoring and given their headquarters the ability to manage sales team activity more closely – across 17 countries and counting.

Adopting mobileSales has helped the sales team at Amer Sports to visit more stores and conduct more efficient visits. “The main advantage of the new mobile app,” explains one rep from Germany, “is that it saves me time. With the Order Status Dashboard and the Customer Dashboard, I have very quick access to important information about my customers.”

The mobileSales app is equipped with advanced offline functionality that gives Amer Sports reps an uninterrupted sales experience – even in remote locations with limited WiFi access like the many ski resorts where their products are sold. As one rep from France put it, “it’s much faster and easier to access customer sales and order history in my app than it is using my PC.”

As an apparel, footwear and sportswear provider (AFS), Amer Sports sells products that come in multiple sizes and colors. Spring apps have been extremely effective at addressing this need while also providing important functionality like Salesforce integration, sales dashboards, route planning and mobile barcode scanning.

Amer Sports also integrated Spring’s survey functionality to capture meaningful retail execution data. This information provides field managers with greater visibility over the impact of daily field activity and ensures compliance the company’s recommended in-store displays, promotions and overall merchandising strategy.

Spring continues to work closely with Amer Sports to develop new functionality and devise next steps in our technology roadmap. “This is just the beginning of a long-term, strategic partnership,” explains their EMEA Sales Operations Director, Nicolas Chapuis. “Spring software supports our company strategy and helps us service our customers in more powerful ways.”

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