Fast-track your Direct Store Delivery (DSD) or Van Sales operations

Whether your company has Direct Store Delivery or Van Sales operations, Spring apps can do wonders for your performance.

Our mobileDelivery and mobileVanSales apps both help increase delivery efficiency, improve communication with drivers and keep goods in stock. mobileVanSales takes things a step farther allowing your truck or van to serve as a mini warehouse and retail store for your customers.

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mobileDelivery tracks direct store deliveries

Drive more efficient deliveries with mobileDelivery

Our mobileDelivery app helps you gain a competitive advantage by streamlining direct store delivery processes. With this easy-to-use app, your team can:

  • Improve store-visit productivity and the customer experience with the ability to collect payments, print invoices, conduct returns and capture digital signatures – all in one interface
  • Take advantage of route optimization by seamlessly integrating with a wide range of scheduling tools
  • Improve vehicle management with inventory records that automatically update after every order
  • Save drivers time by eliminating the need for pre-store visits and end-of-day reporting
  • Access vital customer and order information, with or without an Internet connection
  • Increase delivery speed and track delivery progress with GPS tracking on the road or from the head office

Integrate and optimize all of your Van Sales activities

Spring’s mobileVanSales app lets you do everything mobileDelivery does, plus optimize important selling and customer service activities.
Our enterprise van sales app comes with interactive dashboards that display real-time insights about inventory status and product performance, so your reps can make more strategic, sales-driven decisions. Your management team can:

  • Use the tour module to plan daily activities and create in-store activity checklists
  • Plan sales routes and monitor individual visit activity with GPS mapping and tracking
  • Strategically schedule delivery routes based on stored customer data and individual performance
  • Make more accurate order projections to ensure that goods remain in stock
  • Monitor individual activity by tracking performance through customizable KPIs
  • Track trends and patterns by accessing real-time analytics regarding specific products, regions and store types
vanSales for selling and service

mobileVan apps for sales reps

Connect reps to the data that matters

mobileVanSales helps your reps work more efficiently and address customer needs more effectively. It helps them:

  • Map the most efficient delivery routes
  • Manage payments, cash settlements, returns and receipts
  • Quickly replenish products with inventory reports that update with every recorded order
  • Use barcode scanning to quickly access product details
  • Access data and important functionality even without an Internet connection

Map the perfect customer visit

With mobileVanSales, you can guide your field reps through important tasks to achieve the perfect customer visit by:

  • Crafting detailed visit plans based on previous orders, purchases, and returns
  • Outlining ‘suggested selling’ techniques to maximize upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Integrating the mobileCollateral plugin to enable sharing digital marketing materials, including video sharing with customers
  • Using the mobileSurveys plugin so that reps can report back on product presentation in stores

VanSales maps visits

VanSales maps visits

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Sales and Delivery

Spring’s mobileVanSales application lets you schedule home visits for your drivers, manage the truck load and unload process, and track their locations throughout the day so you can update their visit schedule on the fly. Your drivers will have everything they need to navigate to each customer and process the delivery and return of equipment, even without an Internet connection. 

mobileVanSales even supports truck inventory loading and unloading, start and end of day delivery truck inspections, payment collection and more.

  • Save time and money by enabling your drivers to complete every aspect of their job even without internet connectivity
  • Improve efficiency with route optimization capabilities
  • Gain visibility into driver activities and locations
  • Add products to a delivery manifest on the fly from truck inventory
  • Motivate your drivers with performance KPIs

How Anheuser-Busch InBev maximized their delivery efficiency with mobileDelivery.

Anheuser-Busch InBev wanted a mobile sales solution that would improve its delivery operations and upgrade its invoice and payment systems. The company wanted an application that would maximize productivity, ensure excellent customer service, control costs and accelerate their sales cycle.

Spring’s mobileDelivery application offered just what they were looking for. AB InBev worked with Spring to implement an app that integrated all of their sales, services and DSD activities. By providing real-time data availability for invoice issuance, we helped the company reduce daily sales pending cases by 15%, from an average of 45 days down to 39 days. AB InBev obtained a positive cash flow in the third month of their mobileDelivery rollout. They also achieved 100% ROI within just two months.

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