Maximize revenue with improved collaboration and greater visibility into distributor activities

Spring’s cloud-based distributorInsight application dramatically improves communication and efficiency between your head office and your distributor field teams and distribution centers. Equipped with interactive reporting and dashboards, our consumer goods execution software offers out-of-the-box data in real time. This information enables distributors to improve margins and sales performance while also providing them with valuable data for driving efficiency.

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Group using distributorInsight

Share valuable intelligence with your distributors

distributorInsight makes it easy to equip distributor field teams with the tools and information they need to succeed. Our user-friendly interface is easy to learn and implement, making it an ideal way to:

  • Share best practices for streamlining distribution processes
  • Improve distributor management with step-by-step instructions
  • Provide real-time intelligence that reduces out-of-stock instances
  • Improve promotional compliance and effectiveness
  • Maximize efficiency with KPI tracking on interactive mobile dashboards
  • Enable consumer goods collateral sharing with Spring’s mobileCollateral plugin
  • Provide user-specific views and reports

Keep a close eye on the operations of your brokers and distributors

Now you can track, monitor and analyze the impact of your distributor’s activities from a single location. You can:

  • View Spring’s interactive command console to analyze distributor data in the form of pre-built KPIs
  • Monitor stock levels more closely
  • Use mobileSurveys to easily publish and distribute field surveys to field reps
  • Access real-time mobile survey results to monitor in-store merchandising compliance
  • Clean up data reporting with automated data cleansing and integration into a shared repository
mobileSurveys to analyze distributor data

How Unilever increased distributor revenue with Spring’s consumer goods execution software

Unilever implemented Spring’s distributorInsight application to coordinate its vast network of distribution managers. The distributorInsight application unified the format of the data Unilever received from its distributors and organized that data into easy-to-read panels that provided detailed information to managers about the state of the business.

Unilever significantly reduced the time between data collection and its presentation to management team – from months to just days. By keeping a close watch over distributor activities, Unilever achieved substantial increases in distributor revenue year-over-year for the first three years of implementation.

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