Get the field data you need—when and where you need it

The business of consumer goods moves fast. You need to get reporting data in real-time if you’re going to maximize revenue. Spring makes this possible with a complete set of data solutions that help you drive field team efficiency and take advantage of opportunities for growing retail sales. Our data services provide you with insights that drive actions that drive results.

When you put Spring’s mSeries mobile product line to use, you can add on any of our advanced Data Services to enhance your experience.

Get a portal that shows you the data you care about most

Spring's dashboard shown on a large monitor

HQ Dashboards

While our HQ dashboards are designed to work well right out of the box, we can work with you to display your data according to your specific needs. Here’s what our standard dashboard lets you do:

  • Give your leadership team and regional managers real-time, highly specific insights into field rep performance
  • Easily and intuitively drill down into anomalies
  • Track a wide range of individual rep activities
  • Compare KPIs by time period
  • Monitor store visit effectiveness

Leverage the data your field reps collect to evaluate:

  • How long they are spending in stores
  • What they do when they are there
  • What marketing materials they are sharing
  • Which promotions customers are running
  • What orders customers are making
  • What is in stock and how that compares with your competitors




field rep locations, activities, deliveries, etc.




current versus historical sales and other KPIs

Track & Adjust



for changes in inventory




which reps are top performers

Need a dashboard tailored to more specific requirements? We can do that too.

Custom HQ Dashboards

If our standard dashboard doesn’t meet your needs, we can build one for you to provide a holistic view. Custom dashboards can:

  • Integrate data from external systems
  • Analyze everything from one place
  • Provide added visibility to run your business more efficiently
  • Maximize your insights with focused reporting

Ready to get your data reporting set up the way you need it?

Integrate your data with ours

Data Connector

Spring’s Data Connector is a hosted database that automatically connects your business intelligence and reporting tools to bring data analysis full circle. If you already have an Azure SQL Database or data warehouse, we can collect data from your systems and import it there. With either option, our data connector can:

  • Enhance existing reporting by pushing our data to your existing data warehouse (or ours)
  • Integrate with advanced reporting tools
  • Extract, transform and load (ETL) data into a central warehouse
  • Integrate with your Azure SQL database or data warehouse
  • Set up regular imports of data from a wide range of sources

Use the data collected



wherever it works best for you and your business

Run your business



effectively with tailored dashboards that give visibility

Gain an accurate view



of your business performance

Extend your expertise



across your entire operation

Let us set up a data warehouse for you and automate your entire
reporting process.

Get the most out of your data

mSeries Best Practice Analysis

Get the most out of your Spring applications. Let us review how your business is using our solutions and eliminate any pain points that your team may have. We will help you:

  • Ensure your team is loading data correctly
  • Maximize the usefulness of your analytics dashboard
  • Share best practices with your team
  • Take on any specific issues you face

Advanced Analytics Consulting

How do you know if your marketing is effective? How about if your reps are overloaded or underperforming? Our highly trained technical team will solve your specific business problems by gathering application data, then analyzing and reporting on the results. Here are some ways we can help:

  • Design and distribute surveys, then correlate results with sales data and provide recommendations
  • Rework routes or in-store tasks to optimize rep performance
  • Integrate gamification functionality to give reps a chance to earn a Share of the Prize (SOTP)
  • Tailor recommendations to your specific needs and challenges

Custom reports sent straight to your inbox

Guided Reporting Tool (GRT) Setup

Jumpstart your Spring experience with our GRT setup and training. Learn how to use Spring’s self-service reporting tool that lets your team define and schedule reports for regular delivery via email. Get your data the way you want it:

  • Customized, flexible reports and updates
  • Either day-to-day or ad hoc analysis
  • Excel and CSV formats let you leverage existing skills and investment

Field performance



reports sent to regional manager

KPI monitoring



for managing performance

Time and mileage



reports delivered to supervisor

In-store survey



results sent to marketing team

Want to maximize your insights with customized reporting?