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Ensure perfect store execution – every time!

mobileRetail appSpring’s mobileRetail app finally makes it possible to close the gap between your company’s retail goals and your merchandising activities in the field. It’s never been this easy to evaluate retail patterns and trends, optimize in-store promotions and ensure compliance with your overall merchandising strategy.

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Manage your merchandisers in the field

Manage your merchandisers in the field more closely

mobileRetail lets you monitor and manage your field team’s store visits, ensuring optimized mobile execution and enhanced relationships with your customers. Your management team can now:

  • Set up customer visit calendars with step-by-step visit plans
  • Streamline field sales execution through daily activity monitoring
  • Suggest recommended actions with smart alerts
  • Track field team locations with built-in GPS
  • Capture the duration and impact of each store visit
  • Employ gamification to encourage healthy competition and track individual performance across key KPIs
  • Grow awareness and improve brand loyalty with improved end-consumer experiences

Help your reps achieve perfect product presentation

mobileRetail gives your field teams the insights they need to make big improvements in the way they present and promote your products. Packed with easy-to-use features, mobileRetail makes it easy for reps to increase both the quantity and quality of their store visits. Functionality includes:

  • Planogram compliance
  • Digital signature capture
  • Barcode scanning
  • Image recognition
  • KPI-tracking dashboards
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mobileSurveys plugin to gauge compliance

Gauge in-store compliance and gather competitive intelligence with mobileSurveys

mobileSurveys is a plug-in you can add to your mobileRetail solution to get a snapshot of merchandising compliance by region or individual stores. It’s easy to publish a mobile survey and set up alerts so field reps know what compliance details to share. mobileSurveys offers a great way to:

  • Ensure every product is accurately stocked, priced and displayed to drive competitiveness on the shelf
  • Stay informed of presentation issues in real time so that you can resolve issues quickly
  • Test the success of new products and promotions
  • Gather competitive intelligence
  • Use image recognition to allow reps to take pictures, complete store surveys and sync the information back to management

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How L’Oréal transformed their merchandising strategy with a mobile retail app solution.

L’Oréal was unable to adequately monitor and manage the field merchandising activities for its consumer, professional and medical cosmetic lines. They needed a solution that would connect their field team with vital information, track their progress and streamline their daily activities.

L’Oréal chose Spring’s mobileRetail application in an effort to:

  • Gain control over all merchandising initiatives
  • Promote priority products
  • Confirm the stock of promotional material
  • Monitor inventory remotely.

mobileRetail now provides L’Oréal’s merchandising managers with the flexibility to create and publish customized survey forms for their field teams to ensure that they are providing the service their customers need.

With mobileRetail, L’Oréal can now help field merchandising reps to review and act on highly pertinent customer data on the fly. The company is now also using Spring’s mobileSurveys application to create and publish customized survey forms for field teams. This helps them to optimize in-store promotions and ensure that they are providing the service customers require.

Thanks to Spring’s mobileRetail application, L’Oréal can now:

  • Accurately track and store data on thousands of field users
  • Direct merchandising initiatives, promote priority products and confirm the stock of promotional material
  • Remotely monitor inventory

Data is the most powerful tool you can have in a modern retail business. This is why L’Oréal also uses Spring’s distributorInsight app to improve the communication with its fleet of more than 30 distributors distributorsInsight gives them peace of mind by tracking all their current orders, creating automatic invoices and notifying users with delivery confirmations.

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